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You Must Be A Member of One of Five NFT Projects To Be Able To Claim.

The OG Moose Society Collection, Quest Complete Collection, The Mini Moose Collection, The Super Heroes Collection or The Alpha Island Club.


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    How to JOIN


    Minting a NAUT gets you a percentage of ownership in Reignlabs for how every long you hold and stake.


    Sending your NAUTS off on a mission is the next step. Once you stake, they start earning.


    Once staked, you will start earing a percentage from the profits from Reignlabs.

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    About The Project

    Astro-NAUTS combines NFTs with revenue sharing. By purchasing one of the 1969 NFTs, you become an owner of ReignLabs, a leading web3 company known for advanced NFTs and smart contracts. Two types of NFTs are offered: Pilots and Co-Pilots, with Pilots offering higher rewards. The platform also allows for sale of other items for profit. Investing in Astro-NAUTS offers ongoing revenue streams and profit opportunities in the future of web3. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of it.

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    staking rewards

    In the Reignlabs ecosystem, staking your NAUTS is the only way to earn a reward. The amount of reward you receive is directly related to the amount of NAUTS you have staked. Different options for staking and fund allocation are available. Keep in mind that reward disbursements are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the success of the ecosystem. To increase your potential earnings, it’s best to stake as many NAUTS as possible. Remember, staking is required to earn a reward in the Reignlabs ecosystem.

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    Phase 01


    Prepare for Take Off Website Creation Social Media Creation Launch Investor Astro- NAUT Tokens Early Access for Launch Pass Pre-Made NFT Collection Creation

    Phase 02

    20% Completion

    Smart Contract Automation Tool UI/UX NFT Generation Tool UI/UX Release UI/UX for Solana Candy Machine $500 in ETH Split Between 10 Holders

    Phase 03

    40% Completion

    Launch Smart Contract Automation Tool NFT Generation Coding & Testing Minting Marketplace UI/UX Coding for Solana Candy Machine V1 & V2 $1000 in ETH Split Between 20 Holders

    Phase 04

    60% Completion

    Launch NFT Generation Tool Minting Marketplace Coding & Testing ERC721A Smart Contract Automation Tool Optimus & Polygon Coding & Testing $2000 in ETH Split Between 40 Holders

    Phase 05

    80% Completion

    Launch Minting Marketplace Private Launch of the Reignlabs Marketplace for Trusted Projects Zero Listing Fees Release Automation Tool Support for Optimus, Polygon $3000 in ETH Split Between 60 Holders

    Phase 06

    100% Completion

    Release Full Automated Launch Pad Full NFT Generation Automation Tool Smart Contract Automation Tool Public Launch of the Reignlabs Minting Marketplace $4000 in ETH Split Between 80 Holders

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The NAUTS are the investor token for the Reignlabs ecosystem. They represent a percentage of ownership in the company and can be staked to qualify for disbursements. This investment opportunity allows individuals to participate in the success of the Reignlabs ecosystem and potentially earn returns on their investment.

    The Reignlabs ecosystem is an innovative platform designed to generate funds for the development of automation software for the web3 industry. Our goal is to bring cutting-edge technology and automation solutions to this rapidly evolving sector, and we believe that the Reignlabs ecosystem is the ideal way to achieve that goal. Through the use of our investor token and staking program, we are able to leverage the collective power of our community to drive the growth and success of the Reignlabs ecosystem.aking it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur cites of the word in classical literature.

    The NAUT token has three phases of minting. The first phase is for valued members of the team and members of The Moose Society and Alpha Island Club and will be free for the first 136 claims. The second phase is a discounted mint phase for trusted communities and will be 0.059 ETH. The third and final phase is public. This will be minting at 0.069 and will stay open until the project sells out.

    There is a limited number of Nauts available, with a total of 1969 currently in circulation.

    The Nautilus ecosystem includes two types of NAUTS tokens - Pilots and Co-Pilots. There are a total of 1900 Co-Pilots and 69 Pilots, each with their own unique traits and characteristics. These tokens represent ownership in the Reignlabs ecosystem and can be used to participate in various activities within the platform. Whether you choose to stake Pilots or Co-Pilots, you will be a valued member of the Nautilus community and have the opportunity to contribute to the success of the ecosystem.

    To be eligible for disbursement, it is necessary to stake your NAUT. The amount of disbursement that you may receive will depend on the number and type of NAUTs that you own and have staked.

    We have allocated 10% of the profits from ALL of the activity on the website to be distributed to the staking contract.

    20% Funding - $500 Split Between 10 Holders

    40% Funding - $1000 Split Between 20 Holders

    60% Funding - $2000 Split Between 40 Holders

    80% Funding - $3000 Split Between 60 Holders

    100% Funding - $4000 Split Between 80 Holders


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